Ribellion Ribel derived from the base is a blend of mind, soul, spirit, feeling, ideals and actions to changing circumstances, which must bear the courage to be true and integral part of the truth.

All human choices Allah SWT. By society, even accused the rebels, criminals and even considered insane. No wonder if the Ribellion attacked by various slanders, insults and even defamation. Including physical and psychological imprisonment.

Similarly, the risk of a Ribellion, their rebellion is “Creative Rebellion“, oriented to the change from one condition to the conditions better. They are the vanguard and exemplary of the meaning of change.

They live among society Pander, their actions proved able to bring benefit. They become so important and meaningful. How to view their extensive and rapid than most people, is seen as something wrong.

The attitude and actions and the spirit Ribellion Ribel will never everlasting because they have their place and their own time to take part, shows the way light for updates and changes to their virtues exist in human civilization. They initiated and disseminate ideas and drive change in not a few of them run by the grace and guidance of Allah SWT that all could be accounted for, and not those who think wild and can not be justified.

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