Denied Love, Shaman Do Not Act (Cinta Ditolak Dukun Jangan Bertindak)

The Argument, Man Salih, and Love
Love – “If one of your men ridhai religion and ruqyah asked (marriage) proposal, “said Rasulullah assumes an incident, as quoted Imam At Tirmidz i, “So, marry him.” Prophet meant what he said about Men Salih daughter of someone who came to .

“If you do not marry,” he continued about the proposal that righteous man,
“Undoubtedly there will be fitnah on earth and widespread damage.” Here the Prophet
preach a threat or the consequences if the proposal was rejected by a righteous man
party. The threats mentioned in the general form of defamation in the earth and
widespread damage.
Could be the Prophet’s words it becomes very hard for parents and daughters
their daughter, especially when threat if not obeyed is slander and damage
which extends in the earth. We can predicted what kind of damage that would arise
if a person who intends to propose someone for defending himself and his holiness
and complicated affairs of his marriage.This is one type of damage a lot happens in this modern world, although many of them do not propose anyone.
Let us learn about the proposal righteous man from the love story of the Prophet Companions Persian, Salman al-Farisi. In the Way of Love, Salim A fillah tells the romance of love. Salman Al-Farisi, the new Persian man is free from physical slavery and slavery
conception of life turned out Shalihah loved one a Muslim from Madinah.
Met fellow Christians of Medina, Abud Darda ‘, looking for the woman for him.
“I,” he said with an accent Medina to introduce themselves to the female,”It is Abud Darda ‘.””And this,” she said, introducing the applicant, “It is my brother, Salman Al
Pharisee. “Yang introduced remained silent. His heart was pounding.
“God has been glorifying it with Islam and he also had glorified Islam with charity
and jihad. He has a major position in the side of the Prophet, he make
Experts call it the temple of it. I have come to represent my brother is applying for
your daughter to married, “said Abud Darda ‘eloquent and bright.
“It is our honor,” replied the host of Salman’s proposal, “Receive your
two, the noble Prophet Companions. And it is honor to this family
law a friend of the main Messenger. However, this right of reply
I entirely leave it to our daughter. “who enggaged also appeared to be in reverse
screen space. The princess Shalihah awaits with an uncertain heart beat.
“Forgive us for this candor,” said the soft voice. Apparently the mother who
speak for her daughter. “But, since you both are coming, with more expected
pleasure of Allah, I respond that we rejected the proposal Salman’s daughter. ”
Ah, romance Salman’s love is so beautiful at this point. A rejection of the proposal by
loved ones, but did not love him. Salman should be banging herself with A law of another love, one taste. This is not shared between Salman and
woman. Guess it’s just one direction only, not a pair.
Salman refused. Though he was righteous man. The man who according to Ali bin Abi Talib
science is the figure of the old and new repertory, and the sea that never dry. He
indeed from Persia, but the Messenger of Allah said about them, “Salman Al Farisi of family
We, the People of the temple. “Men who are strongly committed to free themselves from slavery to redeem himself for 300 palm trees and 40 bud uqiyah gold. The man who
with intelligence suggested he thought the trench warfare strategy in the War and Ahz ab
Islam was won brilliantly. The man who at a later date with full amana perform his official duties in Mada’in with riding a donkey, alone. The man who once rejected the construction of housing accommodation for him, except just only. The man who was so modest in his post once mistaken for pelvic coolie its own territory. Men who are on the edge of dying was too rich, whereas in house no matter how valuable tools. This righteous man, Salman Al Pharisees, rejected courtship by women who beloved.
Salman refused. The reason was simple. Hear. “However, if Abud Darda ‘
then also have the same matters, then our daughter had prepared answers
agreed, “the mother said she was continuing her words. You understand?
Shalihah woman refused righteous man because he loves the man
other. He loved the introduction, Abud Darda ‘. Love is an argument that is authentic to
There is also another love story. Abu Bakar Ash Siddiq Fatima bint woo
Muhammad the Prophet. He wants to strengthen relations with the Apostle
with that proposal. It was the age of eighteen years ahead of Fatima. He became
women who grew up to be perfect and ideal of the man who wants to get married.
Magnanimity, morality glory, honor descent, and soul into shalih
a very strong puller.
“I beg you,” said Abu Bakr to the Prophet, as narrated Anas
in Fatima Zahra, “Now, please would you marry Fatima with me.” In
another narration, Abu Bakr proposed by his daughter Aisha Umm al-Mu’mineen well.
Get a proposal from the righteous man, the Prophet was silent and looked away.
“Verily, Fatima was a kid,” he said in another report. “O Abu Bakr,
wait until there is a decision, “said Messenger. The latter is narrated by Ibn
Sa’d in Thabaqat Ath. The purpose of the Prophet with a decision pending
of God upon the conditions and circumstances, whether to accept the proposal or not.
When Umar ibn Khattab heard this story directly from Abu Bakr, he said,
“O Abu Bakr, he refused  your fiance.”
Then ‘Umar took the opportunity. He came to the Prophet and deliver
courtship to marry Fatima bint Muhammad. The goal is not too different
with Abu Bakr. Even the answer given was the same Prophet told Omar
with the answer given to Abu Bakr. “Verily, Fatima was a kid,”
he said. “Wait until there is a decision,” said Messenger.
When Abu Bakr heard this story of Umar bin Khattab directly, he said,
“O Umar, he refused your fiance.”
We can imagine that? Two of the most righteous man in the lifetime of the Prophet was
rejected courtship. Abu Bakr was the most important friend among all the friends who
there. Belief in Islam and the ministry is so pure, with no reverse or no doubt . That’s why he earned the nickname Ash Siddiq. He is a man who is mentioned
Qur’an as accompanist road Prophet migrated in the cave. He is a lot dai
to enter the leaders of Mecca in the embrace of Islam. He is the liberator of slaves
Muslims are always oppressed. He is a man who Infaq his entire estate to
jihad, leaving only Allah and His Messenger for the whole family. He is a person
who wish to be appointed as a lover by the Prophet. He is one man who has
guaranteed to set her heels in the cool of the garden jannah. However, this righteous man rejected
subtle courtship by the Prophet.
Meanwhile, who knows no other righteous man named Umar bin Khattab. He is
distinguishing between truth and false. He and Hamz ah who have been raised
masamasa glory of the Muslims in the beginning of its development in Mecca. He is the man
premonition often precede divine revelation and the verses to the Prophet. He
is the man with the courage to challenge the league when he will depart
hijrah, he lobbed the name of Islam. He is a man who loved justice and
enforce it when he replaces the position of the Prophet and Abu Bakr in the future.
He also later opened the world and liberate countries
to receive the light of Islam. However, this righteous man courtship subtly rejected by
Let’s look at why the proposal was rejected two men Prophet Salih. At that time, Ali bin
Abi Talib came to the Prophet. Shahabatshahabatnya of Ansar, family, even
in a history including the previous two righteous men encouraged him to come
proposes marriage to the Prophet Muhammad Fatima bint. He met the Prophet and
“Son of Abu Talib,” said the Prophet to Ali, “There needs to what?”
Consider the simple answers submitted by Ali to the Prophet as quoted Ibn
Sa’d in Thabaqat Ath. “I remembered the Prophet Fatima bint,” he said softly
almost inaudible. Listen and feel the innocence and the submission of any diction
spoken of ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib that. Innocence and submission of a lovers will love
such a long time. He uses a very delicate choice of words in the soul,
“Remembered.” This word represents long taste and tossing of the pent, germinate
penetrate the palate reality, transliteration taste.
“Ahlan wa Sahlan!” Said the welcoming words of the Prophet Ali. Smile accompany series
the word slipped from the lips of the noble Prophet. We do not have to understand the confused Ali
Messenger answer. The answer is meaningful that the proposal is received by the Prophet Ali
as understood Ali’s colleagues.
Let us leave Ali with joy received by the Messenger of courtship. Let us
seen from a more focused perspective to understand the rejection of the proposal of two men
previous deeds and deeds of this man reception. We may have opinions
distinctive about this problem.
When the Messenger of Allah explains the reason to Abu Bakr and Umar subtle form of rejection,
we can not accept a letter lijk. Because it could be a language of allusion which
use Messenger. For instance when the Prophet said that Fatima was a child,
This of course can not be translated literally as small, because at that time age
Fatima has been almost eighteen years. An age that is mature enough to measure
period and the Arab nation. While the Prophet himself married with Aisyah on
Fatima’s half the age of age at the time. So, we must understand the sentence rejection
as a language of allusion.

When the Prophet asked Abu Bakr and Umar bin Khattab to wait for a decision, this
also translated as rejection as it is understood two men Salih. Thus,
Prophet’s statement not a statement of proposal to hang, because if
proposal that hanged, of course, Umar and Ali should not be proposed to Fatima. Statement
It is a subtle rejection.
Or it could be, then another hopeless Prophet that Ali bin Abi Talib would
Fatima apply. He knows because Ali has been with him since childhood and many hang out
with Fatima. Interaction of the old two potential young couple shoots grow
blossom bud of love and soul. This is evident from the statement of the Prophet to
Salih asked two men were waiting for God’s decision about the courtship. So, in
this is likely the Prophet knew that his daughter and Ali have loved each other.
So the Prophet also have expectations on them to get married. Messenger only
Ali was waiting for the proposal. In the future when Ali and his history proves
Fatima was married, he said to Ali, her husband, “I never once felt
fell in love with a young man. “I’m sure we know who is meant by Fatima.
It’s my perspective.
This is reinforced by a brief statement of Ali, “I remembered at Fatima bint
Messenger of Allah. “One sentence was already represents what is wanted Ali. Messenger highly
understand this. He is someone who is very sensitive to the desired nothing
someone else from him. He has empathy for other people so strong.
He has perfect form of desire to understand someone like Ali with a few words
And the answer to the Messenger even showed a similar thing, “Ahlan wa Sahlan!” The phrase
welcome for a wait.
So, with this perspective, we will understand that the righteous man who came to
proposed to be rejected courtship, without going to cause a scandal in the earth or
widespread damage. Shalihah woman who  propose marriage to Salman Al Farisi has shown
to us that he loves Abud Darda ‘and reject the proposal righteous men of Persia
it. Messenger also has shown us that he rejected the proposal of two men
tershalih in his time because Fatima loves another man Salih, Ali Bin Abu Talib.
Here, we learn that love is an argument that is authentic to refuse, and love
is an argument that is authentic to ease the way for the two lovers are in wedding throne.
Let us listen to a story narrated by Ibn Abbas and Imam immortalized
Ibn Majah. A man came to the Prophet. “O Messenger of Allah,” he said
that, “An orphan girl who has been in my responsibility ,wants be engaged  with two
man, there are rich and some are poor. ”
“We prefer a rich man,” he continued recounts, “But he prefers men
the poor. “He asked for consideration from the Prophet of attitudes should
do. “We,” the Prophet replied, “Not seeing something better than
marriage to two people who loved each other, lil lam mutahabbaini mitslan married persons. ”
Love is an argument that is authentic to refuse. In ear and soul of this man,
words of the Prophet is like the dew on the desert liver. Growing shoots
buffeted by a storm which nearly dead embers drought and heat. As if the Prophet
specifically say it just for himself. As if the Prophet reminded him
endeavor and for no regrets in the future. “Love it,” says Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim Abu Syuqqah in Tahrirul Ma’rah fi ‘Ashrir Treatise, “It’s a good feeling with good goal if the goal is get married. “means that one makes the other as a friend living in a frame marriage.
With similar intent, Imam Al-Hakim recorded that the Prophet said about
two people who loved each other. “Nothing can be seen (more beautiful) by a person
people who love each other, “said the Prophet,” As with marriage. “Yes, there is no
more beautiful. This is the word of Allah. And this man believes that the word
He is the truth. Because for two people who love each other, there is no
more beautiful than a wedding. Because love is to remove defamation on earth
and repair the widespread damage, insya Allah. Love is an argument that is authentic to refuse, and love is an argument a saheeh to ease the way for the two lovers are in the throne marriage.

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    • Islam knows what love is, with the regulations set by the religion of course. me still learn how it can happen . more studying religion is the best :).

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