Cute So Bad, Bad So Cute (Cakep Jadi Jelek, Jelek Jadi Cakep)

In the Daily Life We Tend Seeing Other People From Only drawback. Even More Evil Again
We’re More Like Judging Other Person Who Nah We Like, The Out-side.Efek predictably, We So
So Out of Time To Seeing Good Or Positive Side Of People That We May Lose scorn Tersebut.we
get a reward with a particular Silahturahmi With Other People With People That We Must Not love. Never Too “Fun” and
too “Comfortable” Looking for Potential Disadvantages The So Must Our Inner Nature of arrogant, Feeling Great
, Superior etc. not aware Is!? Still Above Mount Mount, And Heaven Above Heaven still there. Dynamic Life Man!

Insulting Others Especially From The Beginning Of Physical Views tip to toe. And Praise
Other Person Who Physical Okay or Good. Appears term “Ugly” and “beautiful”, said Yang Created By Mind
Man. Yet the Creator We Only Distinguishing Servant / His people The Faithful And Taqwa.

Pairwise Consequences To Take You. We Dare Negative Thinking Pula But Dare To Think Positive
Strength And Weaknesses Yourself Every Man There Is, We Must Recognize Foreign itu.Tampilan / Casing Could Deceive, There’s A No
May be careless In Assessment, Namely Morals / Budi Pekerti.if We Do not Do So Do not Please All Can Compared Straight
With Which We Think. Open Eyes Heart And Mind We are objective and not subjective. Looks Kok How
People Must spoken, deeds, If He’s A believer See Also Against worship of God Almighty. Observations and Views
People Against Many People Must be Set Parameters. Ex: Nazriel Ilham aka Ariel Peterpan Dan Reynaldi aka Riyanto aka Tukul Arwana
Try Think !!!!!

An Assessment Assessment Only, Stay True Truth of the Almighty. We should be back again to her, Is not There
The term “Inner Handsome” and “Inner Beauty” Try Deh Dug According Each Personal Version Of You And Not From
What is the Source Text Book. And be careful People Hold On Principle “weakness is strength.”
Malulah Just For Those Who Do They Do not Teach-Meaning of Life What We Can Actually To Kita. Hope More Arif And Wise, Amen.

“We Tend Assessing Just Neighbor From Outer Display Only. But Not Necessarily inside How good or as bad as we thought,
Do not want to hurt If you Want to Hurt. Do not Feel Yourself Powerful / Superior Because Truly Something From and have Allah SWT,
And will come back to him ”

Allaah knows best

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