Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 5 Orang Tentang Phobia



Anggie       : Hey, people! I’ve just read a nice book. Do you want to know what it is?

Renna        : I know, you must have read Math book.

Anggie       : What?! Math book? I am not that nerdy! It is a book regarding phobias of people.

Ghina         : What? Phobias? What are those?

Salmah      : You don’t know about phobias? A phobia is an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation. People with phobia will really find some difficulties in their lives.

Haifa          : Yes, when you have some kind of phobia,you can the get the phobic symptoms.

Hanifa        : Phobic symptoms?

Haifa          : Phobic symptoms are kinds of symptom you can have when you come into contact with object or situation you fear. the symptoms can also even occur simply by thinking about those objects or situations. the common symptoms include dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, a sense of unreality, and the worst, fear of dying.

Hanifa        : Oh my, that is awful!

Anggie       : Whoa, did you guys just read the book too?

Haifa          : Yes, I read a book about phobias that I borrowed from my sister yesterday. It’s an interesting book to read.

Renna        : So, do you have any phobia of something,Guys?

Ghina         : I am scared as hell of insects and bugs. I can’t stand any minute having them close to me. I remember that I fell unconscious once when my friends were playing a prank on me by putting some horrible insects on my shirt. It was awful.

Anggie       : According to the book, that is called Insectophobia! It’s a phobia of insects.

Ghina         : Yeah, I think that is my phobia.

Renna        : Umm… I have Claustrophobia.

Hanifa        : Huh? What kind of phobia is that?

Salmah      : Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape and being close in small spaces or rooms. So, small spaces or room will really bring Renna into his greatest fear.

Hanifa        : Whoa, is that true, Renna?

Renna        : I suppose it is true. I can never stand being in small spaces and rooms. That day, I tried once to fight my phobia by forcing my self out to stay in a small space at my house. It went horribly and turned out to be a bad idea. I tried to endure my fear but I ended up unable to breathe and getting dizzy. I felt the room was getting small and trying to squeeze me. I hit my limit and I immediately got out of that space.

Hanifa        : Whoa, that’s horrible, Renna. Please don’t do that again.

Renna        : Of course, I won’t [laughing]. So, anyone has another phobia?

Anggie       : I think I have Mathophobia.

Salmah      : Huh? What kind of phobia is that?

Anggie       : I’m afraid of Math

Haifa          : Hahaha, it’s not a phobia, you’re just afraid of Math since Mrs. Yofi [Math Teacher] always scolds at you anytime you couldn’t solve the problem. [Everybody laughs]

Anggie       : The bell is ringing, let’s back to the class.

Renna, Ghina, Hanifa, Haifa And Salmah  : Ok, let’s back!








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